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Falickaway: a flickr viewer

posted on 03 Oct 2008
Available now: flickaway (demo)

I love flickr.

I also love my pictures, and sometimes flickr feels too... generic? impersonal?
Anyway. I decided to spend some time coding this flickr viewer so to have a website with my style and the same pictures I have on flickr.

I thought someone else might find it useful. If you like it, just go there, run the wizard, copy the generated html in an html file. Deploy to a web server. done.
Yes, the wizard is javascript-only as well.

I almost forgot: that html page is less than 2k.
All the javascript and the styles will be fetched from my website (or google, or yahoo), so you'll always get the newest and best version.

A brief on technology:
I'm using jQuery (from, google feed apis and flickr rest api (on the wizard, to discover your feeds). All files are gzipped then deployed on Amazon S3.

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