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CYZ_RGB alpha 2 - feature complete

posted on 07 Sep 2008
The second release of CYZ_RGB, an alternative firmware for BlinkM, is now ready for download.

The latest release implements all the features of the original firmware.

The program has been slightly tested at a functional level (sitting there and watching the lights go on end off), but has no unit tests.

I usually write loads of tests, possibly before the actual code; this time I was wandering in a completely new area and I knew most of the code was going to be highly disposable. Now that all hurdles have been surpassed, the refactoring stage will go hand-to-hand with writing a thorough test suite. Wish me good luck.

Go read the details.

Goals for next release:
  • Write a comprehensive test suite
  • Decouple cyz_cmd from cyz_rgb
  • Decouple usiTwiSlave from cyz_cmd
  • Reduce binary footprint (now 4072b of 4096 available)
  • Add ability to write 2 scripts
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